We are excited to announce our new website

For 2 years we are making photo jewellery and this has been a great success. We love to create personal keepsakes and personal gifts.

Silver necklace and pendant with personalised photo set in glass in decorative box

Its so much fun to create items that are meaningful and special, it means a lot when we can help and create that perfect gift!

For the last year we focused on memorial items. And the beautiful handwriting jewellery was born. We had acquired some special skills to transform any type of handwriting into our perfect jewellery items.

Now with the handwriting collection established, it was time to get on a new challenge. That's how our new collection was born, personalised handprint jewellery and gifts with the use of our easy to use ink less print kit.

Handprinting kit with instructions and white paper with a handprint

This will make the process of taking prints from your baby/child or pet so easy and fun! Now we can use those prints and create wonderful keepsakes for you or your family.

Our first new products are
- Foil art prints
Picture frame with silver foil handprints with black frame on a table
- Handprint necklace
Silver necklace and pendant with personalised handprints set in glass on decorative background

And so much more handprint gifts will be available soon!

Developing new products is one of the amazing aspects of growing our business, and we love the creative side of this. Please feel free to look around the site, we would love help create that perfect gift for you!

Yours Giftfully
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